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The Story of Moses the Shepherd

by Sharla Guenther

Children's Version

After Moses had grown up, and was probably a little older than your parents, he was getting fed up with how his people were treated by Pharaoh.  They still had to work so hard all these years later.

One day Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people, and he became so upset that he killed the Egyptian.  After that Moses had to run away from Egypt because the Pharaoh found out what he'd done and was very angry with Moses.

Moses ended up in a place called Midian.  He had stopped to rest by a well when seven sisters came by to give their father's sheep some water.  In the middle of feeding the sheep some shepherds came by and started to become very rude.

They pushed the women aside and told them to get out of the way, that they needed the water more than they did.  Moses saw all this and said to the shepherds, "These women were here first and they need the water just as badly as you do.  If you have a problem take it up with me, but leave them alone and wait your turn."

The shepherds listened to Moses, and Moses stayed and helped feed the sheep for the sisters.  When the sisters got home their father asked them, "How did you get done so early today?"  They answered, "An Egyptian rescued us from some shepherds, and he even drew the water out of the well for us and watered the whole flock."

"Please, go and get him and invite him for supper,"  the father said.  When they found Moses, and had talked with him for a while, they realized he had no place to stay.  He ended up staying with them, and later married one of the sisters whose name was Zipporah.  Moses became a shepherd, and took care of many animals.

As the years went by the Pharaoh in Egypt died, but the Hebrews were still slaves and they prayed to God for help.  God heard them and felt bad for them, He knew just what He was going to do next...(after all God had planned this all along).

Children's Story:  Moses the ShepherdNow Moses was out looking after some sheep and after a while ended up near a hill.  He was just talking to the sheep, like he always did when there was no one else to talk to, when he noticed a bush on fire.  Moses sat and watched it for a while because something wasn't right.  The bush was completely on fire, but it wasn't burning up the bush;  there was no smoke, just fire.

Moses decided to get closer and take a better look.  As he approached the bush a voice came from the inside of it, "Moses!  Moses!"  Moses thought that this might be God, after all who else could speak from a bush that was on fire, but wasn't burning.

Moses replied, "I am here."  He continued to walk closer to the bush but as he got closer God said to him, "Don't come any closer, take off your sandals because you are in the presence of God.  I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob."

These were men that Moses had heard about.  He knew that God had done great things for these men, and He believed in their God.  So when Moses heard God say these words he was afraid and covered his face with his cloak.  He thought that if he saw God's face he would die because God is so bright and powerful.

Then God said to Moses, "I have seen all the pain my people have had to go through in Egypt.  I have heard their prayers and want to save them from their slavery.  I want to take them to another place where there is lots of good land and plenty of milk and honey.  So Moses, I am sending you to free the Israelites from Pharaoh."

"Um, pardon me God but I think your talking to the wrong person.  This is just me Moses I'm just a regular guy, Pharaoh won't listen to me,"  Moses said in disbelief.

And God said, "I will be with you and will help you.  So go to the Israelites and tell them I have sent you and I have heard their prayers, and will send them to a better place.  Don't worry they will listen to you.  But be patient because Pharaoh won't listen until he sees many signs and is punished, but after that he will let you go."

Moses still didn't think he was the right man for the job.  "God what if the Israelites don't believe me, what if they say, 'I think you're lying, God didn't talk to you.'"

Then the Lord said to him, "Throw your staff on the ground."  Moses did as he was told and his staff became a snake right before his eyes.  Moses even jumped out of the way, the snake almost slithered right over his foot.  Then the Lord said, "Pick it up by the tail."  Moses didn't really like snakes but he quickly grabbed it by the tail and it turned from a limp yucky snake, to his smooth wooden staff right in his hand.

God continued to show Moses signs he could show the people so they would believe.  Moses would even be able to turn water into blood because God would do it for him.  Even after all these signs Moses still didn't think he could do it, and God was starting to get frustrated with his lack of trust.  Moses would be able to do anything with God's help.

Finally God said to Moses, "I will send your brother Aaron, in fact he is already on his way to see you.  I will help both of you, and give you the words to say."  After that the bush stopped burning and God was gone.

So Moses put his sandals back on and made sure to take his staff of God, and went to get his wife and children to go to free the Israelites.



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