DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Noah's Ark Crafts
( Genesis Chapter 6 thru 9)

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Lion paper shapes practice

Animal Crafts

We have a LOT of animal crafts on the DLTK site for all ages.  You can give each child an animal project (have the children partner up so you end up with two of each animal).  Put a large butcher paper ark on the bulletin board and glue the animals to the ark.  The paper crafts work especially well

dove craft

Dove Crafts

Age 2+

Noah's Ark Crafts

Noah's Many Ark Crafts

A whole bunch of Noah's Ark crafts for various ages.

Rainbow craft

Rainbow Crafts, Coloring, Name Tags, Recipes, etc.

Raven handprint craft

Raven Handprint Craft

Age 2+

raven paper bag puppet

Raven Paper Bag Puppet

Age 2+