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Creation Story Felt Board Templates

In this section I've put together some simple pages to go with the story.  You can use them in a number of ways (my favorite is as felt board characters):

Use the sheets as...  COLORING PAGES

Use the sheets as...  PUPPETS

Use the sheets as... FELT BOARD CHARACTERS

creation craft

Use the sheets as... a CREATION QUILT

Thanks to Anna for sending in this idea:  Instead of using the sheets for a felt board, cut them out and let the children paste them onto squares of construction paper, cardstock or wallpaper.  Punch holes around the outside edges of the squares.  Use a piece of wool to stitch together the squares to make a quilt.


THE TEMPLATES (in order of appearance in the story):

In the beginning...   color   B&W

First Day   color   B&W

Second Day   color   B&W

Third Day   color   B&W

Fourth Day   color   B&W

Fifth Day   color   B&W

Sixth Day   color   B&W


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