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The KJV Bible for Toddlers

bible for toddlers

From Amazon.com:  The KJV Bible for Toddlers

I find it tough to balance the need to word things in a way that toddlers and preschoolers will understand and the need to tell the story in an appropriate and complete way.  I think this book has done a good job of accomplishing this.  The stories are short, with cute colorful pictures that capture my kids' attention.  I find it a bit repetitive, but Kaitlyn (my 3 yr old) seems to like it that way.

Here is an example of one of the stories:  (purple is direct quotes from the book)

Noah Builds the Ark

noah Noah was a good man.  Noah obeyed God.  God loved Noah very much.  God told Noah to build a big boat.  So Noah obeyed God and built a big boat.  God told Noah a great flood was coming.
noah God told Noah to put many animals on the boat.  Noah filled the boat with food for the animals.  Noah put his family on the boat too.  When everyone was on the boat, God shut the door.

The next story in the book goes on to tell about the flood.