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St. Patrick's Day Bear TP Roll Craft

Hi! I'm Leanne, the mom who started a children's crafts website 25 years ago. These days, I'm still a mom -- but my daughters have moved on to their own lives and it's just my husband and I spending time together in our cozy little home in Alberta, Canada -- gardening, cooking and yes, still crafting.

Crochet, candle making and soap making are my passions of choice these days but I still look back fondly -- reminiscing about the days when I worked on the website with my own children in mind. Strangely, after the first year they rarely actually made the crafts that I designed -- but lots of viewers reached out and encouraged me to keep going.

That was back in the days before search engines or social media. These days, the internet has gotten a lot more complicated and I have gotten a lot less energetic -- I'm enjoying menopause in my own strange way, but I find I just don't have the energy I used to.

I've left the website up hoping that people will still bump into little nuggets of content that they find useful. I may do the occasional little project here and there if the mood hits me or if a viewer reaches out and asks for help, but for the most part the website is "done" and I'm off to crochet butterfly meditation shawls, try to cook healthier meals with less salt and tend to my lavender.

Children's educational site KidZone.ws.

Check out Coloring.ws for loads of coloring pages.

First-School.ws has Spanish/English and Making Learning Fun has English learning activities. 

ASMR style fairytales and move-along stories are featured on Pause-itivity.


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