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  1. Printable crossword puzzles added to the activity lists of some or our stories:
  2. Elephant facts added to KidZone.ws animals section
  3. Listen to, Print or Read the story of Hansel and Gretel
  4. Blog Post: Father's Day Reflections...
  5. Printable crossword puzzles for some of our fairy tales:
  6. more Inspirational Quotes: Watercolor Art, Posters and Coloring Pages
  7. Listen,   Print   or   Read  the story of Cinderella
  8. Peru Coloring Pages

  9. Emperor's New Clothes crossword puzzles
  10. Updated Cinderella word search puzzles
  11. Inspirational Quotes: Watercolor Art, Posters and Coloring Pages
  12. Turtle word search puzzles

  13. Cinderella crossword puzzles
  14. Butterfly Life Cycle Craft (photos added)
  15. Ugly Duckling Draw and Write or Informational Writing worksheets
  16. Captain Hook coloring pages
  17. Blog post: "Spring Bunny Paper Craft"
  18. Dragon Paper Craft

  19. More Norse myths (twilight of the Norse gods - The Children of Odin):
  20. More Norse myths (The Children of Odin):
  21. a number of new coloring pages added to the Norse Mythology coloring section
  22. The Children of Odin - many Norse myths for kids
  23. Narwhal Paper Craft
  24. Bastet (cat) added to Egypt coloring pages
  25. Children's story for St. Patrick's Day - Molly Murphy and the Scorched Leprechaun: