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HTML5 Puzzle Archives for 2014

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Date Caption Source
11/22/2014 Colosseum in Rome, Italy Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
11/21/2014 Gentoo Penguin Source: Wikimedia commons: Samuel Blanc
11/20/2014 Church of Our Blessed Lady in Munich, Germany Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
11/19/2014 Clowns Source: Luc Viatour
11/18/2014 Apollo 11 launch Source: NASA
11/17/2014 An Algerian Lady Hawking Source: artist: Jean-Horace Vernet (1789–1869)
11/16/2014 Turku Castle, Finland Source: Wikimedia commons: Markus Koljonen
11/15/2014 juvenille Kea Source: Wikimedia commons: Markus Koljonen
11/14/2014 Snowy Owl hunting Source: From the Quebec government website
11/13/2014 Scarlet Macaw Source: Wikimedia commons: Jar0d
11/12/2014 Motherboard Source: Wikimedia commons: Jon Zander
11/11/2014 Sydney Opera House Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
11/10/2014 Menara Source: Luc Viatour
11/9/2014 CP Rail Source: Wikimedia commons: David Gubler
11/8/2014 Ladybug Source: Luc Viatour
11/7/2014 Black-capped Chickadee Source: Wikimedia commons: Mdf
11/6/2014 Firetruck Source: Wikimedia commons: Jarek Tuszynski
11/5/2014 Grain Train Source: Wikimedia commons: David Gubler
11/4/2014 Rugby Source: Wikimedia commons: PierreSelim
11/3/2014 California Ground Squirrel Source: Brocken Inaglory
11/2/2014 Mantis Source: Luc Viatour
11/1/2014 Paper mache figures in Guanajuato Market, Mexico Source: Tomas Castelazo
10/31/2014 Skull Source: Microsoft Clipart
10/30/2014 Skulls Source: Microsoft Clipart
10/29/2014 A Halloween Treat for Polly Peat Source: Picture by Sunayana Nair Kanjilal
10/28/2014 Catrina mural in San Francisco Source: Library of Congress - Carol Highsmith
10/27/2014 Spider Web Source: Luc Viatour
10/26/2014 Praying Mantis Source: Luc Viatour
10/25/2014 Marsh Wren Source: Wikimedia commons: Cephas
10/24/2014 Barred Owl Source: Wikimedia commons: Cephas
10/23/2014 Plasma Lamp Source: Luc Viatour
10/22/2014 Dragon Source: artist: Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)
10/21/2014 Blue-gray Tanager Source: Wikimedia commons: Mdf
10/20/2014 Glass fishing float with net Source: Wikimedia commons: Jon Zander
10/19/2014 Moon Jellyfish Source: Luc Viatour
10/18/2014 Great Tit Source: Luc Viatour
10/17/2014 Tunnel Source: Wikimedia commons: Alvesgaspar
10/16/2014 Belœil Castle in Belgium Source: Luc Viatour
10/15/2014 Crested Tit Source: Luc Viatour
10/14/2014 Snowy Owl Source: Wikimedia commons: pe_ha45
10/13/2014 Pale-faced Sheathbill Source: Wikimedia commons: Samuel Blanc
10/12/2014 Pennsylvania Source: US Dept of Agriculture
10/11/2014 Alpaca Source: Wikimedia commons: Benjamin Janecke
10/10/2014 Barn Source: US Dept of Agriculture
10/9/2014 Arctic Fox Source: Wikimedia commons: Rama
10/8/2014 Swan Moth caterpillar Source: Luc Viatour
10/7/2014 Rice Harvesting Source: US Dept of Agriculture
10/6/2014 Asian fan dance Source: AngMoKio
10/5/2014 Portugal porthole Source: Wikimedia commons: Nsandre
10/4/2014 Cuban Flags Source: Wikimedia commons: Elemaki
10/3/2014 Exotic Fruit Source: US Dept of Agriculture
10/2/2014 Aragonite Mineral Source: Wikimedia commons: Jon Zander
10/1/2014 Harvest Source: Wikimedia commons: Jan van der Crabben
9/30/2014 Catherine's Palace in Russia Source: Leanne Guenther
9/29/2014 Train close up Source: Keuchhustus
9/28/2014 Common Tern Source: wikimedia
9/27/2014 Nantes, France Source: Guillaume Piolle
9/26/2014 blue salon in a museum in Poland Source: Jan Mehlich
9/25/2014 Motorcycle stunt Source: AngMoKio
9/24/2014 Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar Source: Harald Supfle
9/23/2014 Formula One Race Car Source: AngMoKio
9/22/2014 Seals Source: David R. Tribble
9/21/2014 Rusty Fence Source: AngMoKio
9/20/2014 Papaya Source: US Dept of Agriculture
9/19/2014 Surf's Up Source: wikimedia
9/18/2014 Eurasian Red Squirrel Source: Dein Freund der Baum
9/17/2014 Gypsy Moth caterpillar Source: US Dept of Agriculture
9/16/2014 Fort de Vezelois in Belfort, France Source: Thomas Bresson
9/15/2014 Farmers Source: US Dept of Agriculture
9/14/2014 Chimpanzee Source: Bohringer Friedrich
9/13/2014 Sunrise Source: Dori
9/12/2014 Giraffe Source: Alvesgaspar
9/11/2014 Tango Tram in Zurich, Switzerland Source: David Gubler
9/10/2014 Scandinavian Grey Wolf Source: Malene Thyssen
9/9/2014 Warthog Source: Sanjay Ach
9/8/2014 Cottontop Tamarin Source: Quartl
9/7/2014 Mobile, Alabama city skyline Source: Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress
9/6/2014 Mother Gorilla and Baby Source: Brocken Inaglory
9/5/2014 Carp feeding frenzy Source: Luc Viatour
9/4/2014 Bee on a Barberry Flower Source: US Dept of Agriculture
9/3/2014 old digger in Birmingham, Alabama Source: Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress
9/2/2014 Cheetah Source: Falense
9/1/2014 Train Source: David Gubler
8/31/2014 Mercedes race car Source: AngMoKio
8/30/2014 Yellow Rumped Warbler Source: Mdf
8/29/2014 Dunlin Source: Mdf
8/28/2014 Shipwreck Source: Keta
8/27/2014 Black Backed Gull Source: Tony Wills
8/26/2014 young Servals Source: Vassil
8/25/2014 Iceland Source: Henrik Thorburn
8/24/2014 Zebra Source: Marcin Szala
8/23/2014 Mercedes safety test Source: AngMoKio
8/22/2014 Rice plant Source: US Dept of Agriculture
8/21/2014 Notre Dame seen from the banks of the Seine Source: Phillipe
8/20/2014 1920's train Source: David Gubler
8/19/2014 Green Toad showing vocal sac Source: Christian Fischer
8/18/2014 Joshua trees Source: Jarek Tuszynski
8/17/2014 Fighting a Fire Source: Jarek Tuszynski
8/16/2014 Chateau de Behnac in France Source: Luc Viatour
8/15/2014 Praying Mantis Source: Luc Viatour
8/14/2014 Birth of Venus Source: artist: Botticelli
8/13/2014 Rheintal-Express train Source: David Gubler
8/12/2014 statues - Notre Dame, France Source: Phillipe
8/11/2014 Locomotive in Switzerland Source: David Gubler
8/10/2014 Smooth Newt Source: Christian Fischer
8/9/2014 Fountain in Majorelle Garden Source: Luc Viatour
8/8/2014 Grey Crowned Crane Source: Luc Viatour
8/7/2014 Timberwolf Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
8/6/2014 Chinese Mantis Source: Luc Viatour
8/5/2014 Apple Source: US Dept of Agriculture
8/4/2014 Black-chinned Hummingbird Source: Mdf
8/3/2014 Drip Source: Roger McLassus
8/2/2014 Cheetah Source: Daniel Schwen
8/1/2014 Cotton Field Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/31/2014 Cantaloupes Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/30/2014 Rope Source: Nevit Dilmen
7/29/2014 escort barge in Thailand Source: Lerdsuwa
7/28/2014 Gateway Arch Source: Daniel Schwen
7/27/2014 Clematis hybrid Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/26/2014 Flatiron Building in New York city Source: Daniel Schwen
7/25/2014 Bumblebee Source: Gideon Pisanty
7/24/2014 Paris wall Source: Coyau
7/23/2014 Sunset Source: wikimedia
7/22/2014 Dolphins Source: Quartl
7/21/2014 Windows Source: Thomas Wolf
7/20/2014 Holsteins Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/19/2014 European Tree Frog Source: Christian Fischer
7/18/2014 July 18 is National Cow Day Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/17/2014 Buoy Source: Daniel Ahlqvist
7/16/2014 Zebu Source: wikicommons
7/15/2014 Colorado corn field Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/14/2014 Back Bay in Boston, Massachusetts Source: Luca Galuzzi
7/13/2014 Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Source: Jebulon
7/12/2014 say CHEESE! Source: wikimedia
7/11/2014 Locomotive Source: David Gubler
7/10/2014 Diesel Train in Morocco Source: David Gubler
7/9/2014 Aerobatic Team Source: Lukasz Golowanow
7/8/2014 Jeep Source: Jarek Tuszynski
7/7/2014 young Wooly Mammoth Source: Mercy
7/6/2014 Greece Source: Bernard Gagnon
7/5/2014 Mosquito Source: US Dept of Agriculture
7/4/2014 Happy Fourth of July! Source: Billy Hathorn
7/3/2014 Fireworks in Washington, DC Source: Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress
7/2/2014 Fireworks Source: AngMoKio
7/1/2014 Fireworks Source: AngMoKio
6/30/2014 Blackburnian Warbler Source: Mdf
6/29/2014 Umbrella Source: Adamantios
6/28/2014 Well used soccer ball in Jakarta, Indonesia Source: Jonathan McIntosh
6/27/2014 Dew on grass Source: Luc Viatour
6/26/2014 Camel and Calf Source: Jan Mehlich
6/25/2014 Cyclops Rock Source: Jark Tuszynski
6/24/2014 Goalie Source: Torsten Bolten
6/23/2014 Meerkat Source: Crusier
6/22/2014 Meerkat Source: Jan Mehlich
6/21/2014 Books in the Austrian National Library Source: Matl
6/20/2014 Peaches Source: US Dept of Agriculture
6/19/2014 Canine hero Source: Library of Congress
6/18/2014 June 18th is International Picnic Day Source: US Dept of Agriculture
6/17/2014 Blueberry Blossoms Source: US Dept of Agriculture
6/16/2014 Welcome home dad! Source: Johansen Laurel
6/15/2014 Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah Source: Luca Galuzzi
6/14/2014 Child with American Flag Source: wikicommons
6/13/2014 Lisbon Source: Luca Galuzzi
6/12/2014 Making Footprints Source: Joaquim Alves Gaspar
6/11/2014 Train in Switzerland Source: David Gubler
6/10/2014 Collared Anteater Source: Quartl
6/9/2014 Strawberry Source: US Dept of Agriculture
6/8/2014 Trumpeter Swan Source: Mdf
6/7/2014 Mobile, Alabama city skyline Source: Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress
6/6/2014 landing on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 Source: US National Archives
6/5/2014 Zebra Source: Andre Karwath
6/4/2014 Ladybug convention Source: US Dept of Agriculture
6/3/2014 Wild Boar Source: Michael Gabler
6/2/2014 Interesting architecture Source: Luc Viatour
6/1/2014 St Lambert Place in Liege, Belgium Source: Luc Viatour
5/31/2014 Church in Belgium Source: Luc Viatour
5/30/2014 Orchid Mantis Source: Luc Viatour
5/29/2014 Suits of armor Source: Luc Viatour
5/28/2014 Teneguia volcano Source: Luc Viatour
5/27/2014 Black Capped Chickadee Source: Mdf
5/26/2014 Vartiovuori Observatory in Turku, Finland Source: Markus Koljonen
5/25/2014 Church in England Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
5/24/2014 Imperial Shag Source: Samuel Blanc
5/23/2014 Arches National Park near Moab, Utah Source: Jarek Tuszynski
5/22/2014 bird in flight Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
5/21/2014 male Alpine Darner Source: Toby Hudson
5/20/2014 9 year old Source: Wilfredor
5/19/2014 Train in Italy Source: David Gubler
5/18/2014 Train Source: David Gubler
5/17/2014 Bee Source: Luc Viatour
5/16/2014 South Polar Skua Source: Samuel Blanc
5/15/2014 Philidelphia Museum of Art Source: Jarek Tuszynski
5/14/2014 Window Source: Bohringer Friedrich
5/13/2014 male Impala Source: Ikiwaner
5/12/2014 Golf Source: Keith Allison
5/11/2014 White Tiger Source: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sanchez
5/10/2014 Oranges Source: US Dept of Agriculture
5/9/2014 Birds: Marsh Tit Source: Luc Viatour
5/8/2014 Australian Pelican Source: Toby Hudson
5/7/2014 White-fronted Bee Eater Source: Luc Viatour
5/6/2014 Major League Baseball Source: Keith Allison
5/5/2014 Knock Knock Source: AngMoKio
5/4/2014 Cape Petrel Source: Samuel Blanc
5/3/2014 Birds: Blue Tit Source: Luc Viatour
5/2/2014 Starfruit (carambolas) Source: US Dept of Agriculture
5/1/2014 Southern Crowned Pigeon Source: Luc Viatour
4/30/2014 Fire Fighters Source: Jarek Tuszynski
4/29/2014 Solar Eclipse Source: Luc Viatour
4/28/2014 Piglets Source: US Dept of Agriculture
4/27/2014 Blackberry Source: Luc Viatour
4/26/2014 European Nuthatch Source: Luc Viatour
4/25/2014 Fisherman at Lake Merced Source: Brocken Inaglory
4/24/2014 Red Rose Source: US Dept of Agriculture
4/23/2014 Shakespeare's Birthday is April 23 Source: Toni Frissell
4/22/2014 Jumping Spider Source: Luc Viatour
4/21/2014 Greylag Goose Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
4/20/2014 European Rabbit Source: JJ Harrison
4/19/2014 Bufflehead Source: Mdf
4/18/2014 Goat kids Source: Leanne Guenther
4/17/2014 Irridescent Moth Source: Christian Fischer
4/16/2014 In search of a good nesting site Source: Luc Viatour
4/15/2014 Red deer showing off for the ladies Source: Luc Viatour
4/14/2014 Sheperd Well Source: Ramirez Hun
4/13/2014 male Thomson's Gazell Source: Ikiwaner
4/12/2014 Air Show Source: Jon Zander
4/11/2014 Blue Emperor Dragonfly Source: Christian Fischer
4/10/2014 Stained glass in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
4/9/2014 Eurasian Coot Source: Luc Viatour
4/8/2014 Joshua Tree National Park  
4/7/2014 Sarus Crane Source: Luc Viatour
4/6/2014 female Goldenrod Crab Spider Source: Luc Viatour
4/5/2014 US Navy Blue Angels Source: Jon Zander
4/4/2014 Blue Cornflower Source: Luc Viatour
4/3/2014 Katydid with erythirism Source: Richard Whitby
4/2/2014 Metamorphosis Source: artist: Maria Merian
4/1/2014 Clownfish Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/31/2014 Phantasmal Poison Frog Source: Holger Krisp
3/30/2014 Las Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
3/29/2014 Antennata Lionfish Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/28/2014 US Navy port security boat Source: Kenneth G. Takada - US Navy
3/27/2014 Iguana Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/26/2014 Andean Fox Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/25/2014 Pyrolusite Mineral with Dendrite Crystal formation Source: Jon Zander
3/24/2014 Chimney Rock Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/23/2014 Monarch Butterfly caterpillars feeding Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/22/2014 Little Blue Heron Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
3/21/2014 Black Iguanas Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/20/2014 White-headed Capuchin Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/19/2014 Organ Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/18/2014 The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/17/2014 Julian Alps, Slovenia Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/16/2014 Macaroni Color Wheel Source: photo by Kaitlyn Guenther
3/15/2014 China Town, San Francisco Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/14/2014 Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/13/2014 American Toad Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/12/2014 John Oliver Cabin, Smoky Mountains National Park Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/11/2014 juvenille Kea Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/10/2014 near Qinua, Peru Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/9/2014 Rock Climbing Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/8/2014 Bluegrass Music Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/7/2014 South branch of the Potomac River Source: Jarek Tuszynski
3/6/2014 Rock Wren Source: Jarek tuszynski
3/5/2014 Transbaikal Cossack village of Bayan, Russia Source: wikimedia
3/4/2014 Mardi Gras Source: Carol Highsmith
3/3/2014 Hispaniolan Boa Source: Christian Mehlführer
3/2/2014 Ukulele Source: photo by Kaitlyn Guenther
3/1/2014 St. David's Day Parade Source: National Assembly for Wales
2/28/2014 Exhaust Trails at the air show Source: Jon Zander
2/27/2014 ESO's Paranal Observatory, Chile Source: Yuri Beletsky
2/26/2014 Tricolored Heron Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
2/25/2014 Pink Flamingo Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
2/24/2014 Pied Cormorant Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
2/23/2014 Three-toed Sloth Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
2/22/2014 Washington Monument, sculpted by Rudolf Siemering Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/21/2014 Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River Source: Christian Melfuhrer
2/20/2014 Great Egret Source: Christian Mehlfuhrer
2/19/2014 Alpine Ibex Source: Christian Melfuhrer
2/18/2014 Flat-Headed Rock Agama Source: Christian Melfuhrer
2/17/2014 Fighting a Fire Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/16/2014 Mohonk Mountain House in New York Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/15/2014 Strawberries Source: US Dept of Agriculture
2/14/2014 Roses and Carnations Source: Darren Guenther
2/13/2014 Smooch Source: Yogi
2/12/2014 Nepali woman Source: Wikimedia
2/11/2014 Not retired yet Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/10/2014 Blue Swallowtail Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/9/2014 Virginia Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/8/2014 Driftwood Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/7/2014 Hang Gliding Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/6/2014 Kayak at sunset Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/5/2014 Shooting from the Buryat Bow, Russia Source: Wiki commons
2/4/2014 Bodie Island Lighthouse, North Carolina Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/3/2014 Cactus Wren in a Joshua Tree Source: Jarek Tuszynki
2/2/2014 Dutton Brook in Adirondacks, New York Source: Jarek Tuszynski
2/1/2014 Valley of Winds in Australia Source: Toby Hudson
1/31/2014 Photo of a photo shoot. Source: Brocken Inaglory
1/30/2014 British Museum Source: Eric Pouhier
1/29/2014 Emma, Lady Hamilton Source: by artist George Romney
1/28/2014 US Navy Blue Angels Source: Jon Zander
1/27/2014 Hopetoun Falls Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/26/2014 Koala Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/25/2014 St Peter's Square, Vatican City Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/24/2014 L'Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain Source: DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/23/2014 Northern Giant Petral Source: Samuel Blanc
1/22/2014 Fractal Flame Source: Jon Zander
1/21/2014 Yellow-throated Vireo Source: Mdf
1/20/2014 Yellowish Flycatcher Source: Mdf
1/19/2014 Edgar Allan Poe's birthday Source: art by Leanne Guenther
1/18/2014 Bornite mineral Source: Jon Zander
1/17/2014 Northern Red Bishop Source: Luc Viatour
1/16/2014 Pears Source: US Dept of Agriculture - public domain
1/15/2014 Shnauzer Source: Pleple2000
1/14/2014 Parabolic satellite communication antenna Source: Richard Bartz
1/13/2014 Beachy Head and Lighthouse in East Sussex, England Source: Photo by David Iliff. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/12/2014 Guanche engravings in the Canary Islands Source: Luc Viatour
1/11/2014 Skylark Source: Photo by David Iliff - License CC-BY-SA 3
1/10/2014 A fly on a flower Source: Luc Viatour
1/9/2014 Athena from Greek mythology Source: Leanne Guenther
1/8/2014 Jj is for Jar Source: photo by Kaitlyn Guenther
1/7/2014 Explosion Source: Jon Zander
1/6/2014 Fishing Source: Tarotastic
1/5/2014 Haifa, Israel Source: Jalal Volker
1/4/2014 Royal College of Music Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/3/2014 Waterlily House in Kew Gardens, England Source: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License CC-BY-SA 3
1/2/2014 Burg Hoheneck, Bavaria Source: Ralf Roletschek
1/1/2014 Rockhopper Penguin Source: Samuel Blanc


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