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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Themed Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzle Type Caption Source
JigZone Azure Damselfly source wikicommons - photographer Schnobby
Playtonium Bronzed Tiger Beetle photographer MDF, Wikimedia Commons
Playtonium Bumblebee photographer Toby Hudson, Wikimedia Commons
Playtonium Carolina Locust photographer MDF, Wikimedia Commons
JigZone Chinese mantis wikicommons - photographer Luc Viatour
JigZone Common Fivering butterfly from Wikipedia photographer Jkadavoor
JigZone Crimson marsh glider dragonfly from Wikipedia photographer Jkadavoor
HTML5 Insects artist: Maria Merian
Playtonium Leaf Cutter Ant US Dept of Agriculture public domain
Playtonium Moth Wikimedia Commons - photographer Toby Hudson
Playtonium Northern Mottled Grasshopper photographer MDF, Wikimedia Commons
Playtonium Sand Wasp Wikimedia Commons - photographer Mdf
Playtonium Yellow-haired Dagger Moth caterpillar Wikimedia Commons - photographer Mdf


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