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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Themed Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzle Type Caption Source
JigZone 1st Steps on the moon 1969 Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
JigZone 1st walk in space: 1965 Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
Playtonium Blue Marble Crew of Apollo 17
JigZone Blue Marble-photo of earth, 1972 Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
JigZone First photo of earth taken from the moon-1966 Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
JigZone International Space Station from NASA
JigZone Jupiter
Playtonium Moon photographer MDF, Wikimedia Commons
Playtonium Relative Planet Sizes creator Impascal, Wikimedia Commons
Playtonium Saturn
JigZone Solar flare NOAA Photo Library
Playtonium Space Shuttle Columbia source Wikimedia Commons - photographer NASA
Playtonium Star Eating a Planet NASA public domain
Playtonium Supply Vessel NASA public domain photo
Playtonium Tarantula Nebula NASA public domain photo
HTML5 UFO Wikimedia commons: P199


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