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Thanks so much to Cathy Abraham for writing these and giving me permission to use them!

Things I've Learned From Working With Toddlers

-         A toddler could find a needle in a haystack

-         Always wipe the sides of the table too after lunch

-         A stick-on Colorform plastic piece can stick on the roof of a toddler’s mouth for several hours

-         Applesauce can be eaten as a finger food

-         Green plastic Easter basket grass does eventually work it’s way out if eaten

-         Shoes and socks can be taken off several dozen times in an hour (despite adult protest, pleadings, etc)

-         A binky that falls onto the floor apparently is fair game

-         Always count the number of crayons that you have set out

-         Your jaw can actually get sore from blowing bubbles for too long

-         If something has started to peel – even just a tiny bit in a corner… it’s doomed. Completely and utterly doomed.

-         Once one learns how to open the safety latches, he teaches the others

-         Technically, everything really is just a climber

-         It is somehow possible to get woodchips from the playground into the diaper of someone that is wearing a snapped “Onesie”

-         Those that work with toddlers on a daily basis, and do it well, have my complete respect and admiration


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