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A Great Lady Poem by Carolyn Wells

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They All Call It Canada

Side by Side and step by step
Our fathers were marching along
They were building a road to the future
With a spade and a smile and a song.

Out of the wildness and out of the sand
Grew the land that we live in today.
Though the job to be done has barely begun,
There is one thing I'm proud to say:

My country is my cathedral
The northern sky its dome
They all call it Canada
But I call it home!

The mountains, the lakes and valleys
Are friends that I have known
They all call it Canada
But I call it home!

From the Atlantic to the Pacific
From the pole to the U.S.A.
We're on united brotherhood
And united we will stay

The people across the border
And far across the foam
They all call it Canada
But I call it home.


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