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Sports Buddies:  Bobby Bowling Paper Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

bowling craftWith the Olympics coming up and my 6 year old's new favorite sport being bowling, I thought I'd start some Sports Buddies crafts for the kids to enjoy.  The Bowling Buddy is my eighth addition to the Sports Buddies.  I'll be adding others to the Sports Crafts index as I make them.

I wince a little bit doing these buddies because I can imagine all the requests for buddies with specific country or team colors.  Bobby Bowling's color scheme was made with Great Britain in mind, but would also work for the USA, France, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the Cook Islands or Cambodia.  I'll try to make each Sports Buddy a unique color scheme so that hopefully you can find at least one of them that represents your preferences.  And keep in mind -- you can always print the templates in B&W and then color them in whatever way you like!

I realize bowling isn't an olympic sport...  But it is a sport that I love!  Plus I figured that it's something that a lot of children have done either with family or at birthday parties.  Bobby Bowling's a bit dizzy from all the rolling around he does *grin*.


Craft Instructions:


Template 1     color  or    B&W

Template 2     color  or    B&W

Template 3     color  or    B&W



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