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The Pep Talk:  Explorer is a bit harder the first time than Netscape, but take a deep breath and remember that if my 7 yr old can master the skill, you can too!  I promise, that after you've done it once or twice, you'll be able to print images without even thinking about it.  Image printing can be done all over the internet, not just on my site, so it's a handy skill to learn.  The same process can also be used for printables that are surrounded by ads you don't wish to waste your ink on.

The Instructions:  Right click on the image.

There may be an option (about second from the bottom) that says "Open image in..."  (mine says Microsoft Photo Draw).  Whatever you have set as your image editor will show up...  We'll all be a bit different and some people don't have image editors.  Presumably, you know how to use the editor you have set up.  If you don't know how to use the editor or if you don't have one, try the following: 

If you don't have anything set as an image editor (or if you don't know how to use your editor), you can just choose the SAVE PICTURE AS...  Option (about 6th from the top).

Save the image somewhere on your hard drive (I use the "My Pictures" and the "temp" folders, depending on my mood, but you can use whatever folder you wish).

When you're ready to print, just open the image with Explorer by clicking FILE (very left hand menu option), OPEN, BROWSE...,  

click the FILES OF TYPE...  Down arrow (it's the last drop box on the little menu) and choose GIF FILES (sometimes it will be a JPG FILE, but clipart is typically a GIF).

Now go to what ever folder you saved the image in and select the image.  It will open up in a browser window.

Click PRINT and you're done!


WARNING:  I have a lot of people email me that they're having printing "problems".  90% of the time it's because they have too many jobs lined up at once.  On my old computer, I never print more than 2 things at once.  On my husband's new computer, we can do about a dozen.  If you queue 50 print jobs before the first is done printing, something is bound to go wrong -- only moms can do 50 things at once *wink*.