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Doves mate for life and are very devoted to their partners. They can often be seen cuddling and preening each other's feathers, and will even coo and nuzzle their partner's necks as a sign of affection. Doves also share parental duties, taking turns incubating their eggs and feeding their chicks.

When male doves want to attract a mate, they perform a charming courtship dance. This involves puffing up their chests, cooing loudly, and bobbing their heads up and down while walking in a circle around the female. They may also bring the female gifts, such as twigs or bits of food, to show their affection. Once a pair of doves has formed a bond, they will often preen each other's feathers and snuggle up together on a branch or in their nest.

Dove Coloring Pages

flying dove craft

Dove 3D Paper Craft (flying)

make a number of them for a mobile or just make one

preschoolers and up

Dove Crafts for Children

Dove Handprint Craft

preschoolers and up

Dove Crafts for Children

Dove Handprint Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

Dove Crafts for Children

Dove Name Tag

dove paper bag puppet

Dove Paper Bag Puppet

preschoolers and up

dove craft

Dove Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Color this TP Roll craft differently to make robins, bluebirds, sparrows, etc.
Suitable for Age 3+

rainbow and dove craft

Rainbow with a dove Handprint craft

good for Noah's Ark theme

unity dove craft

Unity Handprint Wreath

preschool and kindergarten

Doves are symbol of peace:

Doves have long been a symbol of peace and love. In fact, the dove is often used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography. This association with peace is thought to come from the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible, where a dove was sent out to find dry land and returned with an olive branch, signifying the end of the flood.

Dove Games and Puzzles:
dove jigsaw puzzles

Dove Activities for Kids
On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

Doves are excellent navigators:

Doves are known for their exceptional navigational abilities. They use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate, and are able to detect the direction and strength of the Earth's magnetic field using tiny crystals of magnetite in their beaks. This helps them find their way home, even over long distances. Doves have been shown to be able to navigate using the position of the sun, the stars, and even landmarks, such as roads and buildings.


After reading through this page, what cool facts have we learned about doves?

  • Doves mate for life
  • Doves are a symbol of peace
  • Doves are excellent navigators