frog life cycle craft

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Frog Life Cycle Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Thanks so much to Nicky for sharing this educational craft with our viewers!

"The twins that I care for turned up the other day with tadpoles. We talked about them, but I wanted a craft idea so here it is.  I cut out big blue circles in card, and the children stuck foil circles on top (for the pond).  I printed out your frog picture in green paper, cut out tadpole shapes in brown paper, and here is the best bit. For the frog eggs I cut out bubble wrap shapes and put black dots in the centre of the bubbles with permanent marker (this doesn't rub off, so is ideal) we then stuck each item on in order round the pond, and so created the life cycle of the frog."

Note that the templates below include a larger version of the images to be used on a bulletin board or something like that.



Printing the Templates:

Circle template  -   color  or   B&W
Small pictures (no words)  -   color  or   B&W
Small pictures (with words)  -   color  or   B&W

Large Templates (perfect for bulletin boards)

Frog and Tadpole  -   color  or   B&W
Life Cycle Arrows -   color  or   B&W
Life Cycle Arrow and Eggs  -   color  or   B&W


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