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Tortoise or Turtle Craft

You can use this craft with different sized containers to make different size tortoises.  When we did it, I made the "mommy" tortoise with a single serving yogurt container and the girls made "children" tortoises with egg carton cups.

Dear DLTK's what's the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?  
Amy from North Carolina

Dear Amy,
That's a great question!  Turtles and tortoises are both reptiles and are both members of the order Testudines.  

In the United States, any Testudines that live in salt water or fresh water (part time or full time) are known as turtles.  Testudines that live ONLY on land are called tortoises.

There's actually a third group of Testudines called terrapins ... these are basically turtles that live in swampy water.

In many children's books the words turtle, tortoise and terrapin are used interchangeably -- that's ok! Words are tools we've invented to define things and make communication with each other easier... it's ok for words to evolve and change over time to meet our needs.

I hope that helps!
Leanne from DLTK's

Sad Facts:  Whether aquatic or land dwellers, almost half of the world's testudines are at risk because of habitat degradation, hunting, and environmental pollution.



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