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Spring Bunny Paper Craft

The spring bunny is a paper craft that kids enjoy as part of a number of different themes including a spring theme, a weather theme, an April Showers theme and an Easter theme.

Spring Bunny Paper Craft

The completed bunny is nice and big so it makes a fun decoration for a bedroom door or the family refrigerator.

Spring Bunny Paper Craft


Spring Bunny Paper Craft

I like the large pieces because they’re easy for beginning scissor users to cut out (gentle curves and straight lines). They’re also good for alternative coloring ideas (like finger paints) though pencil crayons are always my favorite!

As part of the project, you can share the April Showers action song (to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot).

Pitter patter rain drops
(wiggle fingers toimitate rain)
Falling from the sky
(wiggle fingers downward)
Here’s my umbrella
(action of opening an umbrella)
Hold it high!
(hands over head)
When the rain is over
(bring hands down slowly)
and the sun begins to glow
(make sun with arms)
Little flowers start to bud
(kneel down)
then grow, grow, grow!!!
(slowly stand up)

Visit DLTK’s Crafts for Kids spring section for the templates to make your own spring bunny paper craft.

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