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Random Thought: Many years later and she still loves paper plates...

Love for Painting Paper Plates

Kaitlyn LOVED to paint paper plates!

My youngest daughter is eighteen now. Gosh, time flies when you’re raising children! I may get in trouble with her about this, but I had to share! When I first started doing crafts with her, she didn’t really enjoy them. She wasn’t terribly fond of colouring (two scribbles and she was done). She didn’t really like playdough (“you want me to play with THAT!?”) and she’d burst into tears at the sight of finger paints (or anything else gooey or messy).

I had just about written off the idea of crafting with Kaitlyn until her big sister Tasha was making a paper plate pig (this one as a matter of fact https://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mplatepig.htm). I don’t know if it was paper plate love at first sight or just the standard worship of all things big sister, but right away Kaitlyn started begging to help. She didn’t ever really like to DO anything with the plates… she just liked to paint them. At least once a month she’d toddle downstairs and ask to paint a plate… pink, yellow, green, even black. No plate was safe and I always had to have a decent supply of paint colours available for her whims. I still have a stack of rainbow coloured plates that she’s painted over the years—I know, I know… they should go in the garbage but I can’t bear to part with them *laughs*.

He Sure Showed Them

Fall Paper Plate Wreath

The years have passed and many things have changed but Kaitlyn still loves to make crafts with paper plates. She actually finishes the crafts (most of the time) now rather than just painting the plate. She helped me with all our paper plate wreaths and made a really nice autumn one. Underneath all the carefully glued on shapes is a paper plate painted with love! https://www.dltk-holidays.com/fall/mfallwreath2.htm

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