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Halloween Costumes: Young Costumes

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for kids all over the place, but unfortunately for parents it can be a bit stressful trying to find cute Halloween for their kids. When my sister and I were at the trick or treating age my mom would work extremely hard to make cute costumes that we could trick or treat in comfortably! My mom had a few requirements before we went trick or treating as little girls, the big one was that we had to wear a costume, this came into play a lot when we were starting to get too old for trick or treating. She said we could only go for one or two more years and that was only if we came up with awesome costumes!

Halloween Costumes: Vampires

When I was a little girl I loved going trick or treating with my dad and my sister! Me and my sister would usually have matching outfits which was really fun and my dad would come with us to supervise, but really he was just coming so that he would have an excuse to eat a share of our candy! Our mom didn’t come with us because someone needed to hand out candy to all of the other kids who go trick or treating. My mom is really generous when handing out candy to little kids in adorable costumes or to older siblings who took time out of their night to take their younger siblings trick or treating. She was especially generous when my sister, my dad and I would come home after a long nights hard work (and by long night I mean about an hour because we would get pretty tired pretty fast) because she would give us a couple HUGE handfuls of candy!

Halloween Costumes: Cats

My mom was really smart when she was considering how she would make adorable Halloween costumes that would keep us warm during the cold October nights. One of the best tricks up my moms sleeve was making capes to go with our costumes; they gave us the ability to wear our warm winter coats underneath our costume! One Halloween my sister and I decided to be kittens so my mom made cute cat ear headbands and capes out of our choice of fabric; my sister decided to be a leopard cat so her cape had leopard spots on it, I chose to be a pink cat, like those ones that you see in… Well anyways I was little and wanted to be a pink cat so my mom made a pink cape with white “fur” on the bottom! Looking back on some of the costumes that I asked her to make for me I am incredibly impressed because being a little girl with a big imagination I had some pretty wild ideas, but of course she tackled them with enthusiasm, fabric and a sewing machine!

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