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Over the past week I have been going to town on a new holiday craft idea that my mom had, paper lantern crafts. Until now I never realized how many different holidays there are. From Christmas to Hanukah, summer to winter and even Earth day to St Patrick’s day there are heaps of holidays and special times of the year for all of us to enjoy together. Of course along with all of these holidays there are tons of different crafts like paper chains, pinwheel crafts and these paper lantern crafts. In less than a week it is Remembrance day, for me as a Canadian anyways, if you’re American it would be Veteran’s day. Either way it is important to recollect on those amazing individuals who have fought and who are fighting for our independence! It can sometimes be a hard concept for younger kids to understand, especially if they aren’t directly affected by it. A simple way to keep children involved is by giving them a craft to do that represents this holiday, for example the Remembrance or Veteran’s day paper lantern. While they make the craft you can even educate them on what our troops do for us and what this time of year is all about. Below are a few of the paper lanterns I have made over the past week including the Remembrance day and Veteran’s day themed ones. If you click on the pictures it will take you to the link of the paper lantern craft on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids.

Autumn Paper Lantern Craft
Thanksgiving Paper Lantern Craft
Halloween Paper Lantern Craft
Remembrance Paper Lantern Craft
Veterans Day Paper Lantern Craft

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