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Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, which means lots of chocolate, flowers, and cards. For little kids it means LOTS of heart shaped crafts and candy! When I was in elementary school I loved valentines day so much because we got to exchange valentines! We decorated paper bags or little boxes the days leading up to valentines day and then on the actual day we would put the valentines day cards that we made in each others boxes! It was very important that you made everyone in the class a valentines day card so that no one felt left out; I would spend entire day making cute cards off of the website with my mom and putting together adorable little candy packages. Of course not all of the candy went into the packages, a generous amount also made it into my dad’s stomach…and mine! Now that I’m a little bit older I don’t get to do that, but my dad is super nice and gets me a box of chocolates every year! There are plenty of cute valentine themed crafts and cards on the website for children to make in celebration of this lovely holiday (emphasis on the love)! Click on the photos below to link to the craft pages!

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Happy Valentine's Day: Heart Wreath

This is an adorable heart wreath that would be perfect for a fun Valentine's Day craft! It is mostly suited for kids over the age of six, however there are several steps for younger kids to participate in as well!

Valentine’s Day Card – Candy Pig Paper Craft

Happy Valentine's Day: Candy Pig

This is an adorable and colorful paper plate craft that gives children some creativity and cutting practice! It uses many different materials that can be found in the house like egg cartons and paper plates.

Heart Glasses Paper Craft

Happy Valentine's Day: Heart Glasses

These stylish heart shaped glasses would be an adorable addition to your child's collection of favourite items to where around the house!

Heart Animals Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day: Cards

There are several different heart animal cards to choose from that kids can write in and decorate to add their own unique touch! These cards are simple and fast, great for making in large class sized quantities!

Bear Box for Valentine’s Cards

Valentine's Day: Bear Box

This is an adroable craft using paper and a kleenex box that will be perfect for kids to take to school to recieve their valentine's day cards!

Lollipop Flower Paper Craft

Valentine's Day: Lollipop Bouqet

These pretty and realist flowers use candy in a creative way to make a lovely household decoration! Flowers might disappear every once in a while but that is only to be expected... I mean there is candy in them after all!


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