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Easter Egg Cracking Tradition

Easter Egg Cracking Tradition: Young Kaitlyn

Ever since I can remember, my family has taken part in a very fun Easter tradition. Every year we decorate Easter eggs and when we are done we take part in a fun little Easter egg cracking game. It’s an exciting activity that everyone enjoys, especially because you get to eat the eggs afterwards! If you’ve decorated lots of eggs then you don’t have to crack them all at once, you can save some for later and play the cracking game several days in a row!

Easter Egg Cracking Tradtion: Egg Cracking Game

Here are the rules for the game. Two people choose their egg of choice and try to crack each others egg; one person puts their egg on the top and the other puts their egg on the bottom, and they pair up the tops of their eggs or the bottoms of their eggs. Then, the person who is on the top gets to smash the other person egg, whoever’s egg doesn’t crack wins! Once both the top and bottom of your egg are cracked then you are out. If you have more than two people playing, then you can make a tournament, and the last man/egg standing is the egg cracking CHAMPION!!

Easter Egg Cracking Tradition

There are several different techniques for dying Easter eggs, if you go to the grocery store you can find lots of little kits that have tablets and special decorating tools. If you are looking towards saving a little bit of money there are several tricks that you can use; for example you can use a food colouring and vinegar solution to die the eggs. If you want to make cute designs you can use wax crayons to draw patterns before you put the egg in the dye, the wax will stop the dye from coloring that part of the egg!

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