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by Leanne Guenther

"This is AWESOME," Darren exclaimed happily.

I giggled at him for the fifth time since we’d pulled into the huge parking lot an hour earlier.

"No seriously," he scolded, grinning cheerfully, "this is the best thing we’ve done all trip!"

One of the Twelve Apostles along the south coast of Australia.

After exotic days in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, encounters with all kinds of Australian animals and some of the best food I’ve ever had on vacation, I wasn’t sure I felt quite as strongly as he did but I do agree that the Mt. Gambier Laundry + Cafe is one heck of an awesome laundromat!

We’d enjoyed in room laundry at the Pullman Circular Quay in Sydney but by the time we made it to Mr. Gambier about a week and a half later we were once again feeling the need to freshen up some of our belongings.

Hooray for clean clothes.

We’re trying to travel lighter than we used to now that it’s just the two of us, so set off on our six week trip with only one bag each. All the heat in Melbourne had definitely eaten away at our stock of fresh shirts so I bounced the idea of a laundry day off Darren who immediately agreed. Darren likes clean clothes, hehe.

The laundry + cafe was amazing. Clean and tidy with plenty of machines that finished a wash load in an amazing 25 minutes with an extra 30 minutes to dry everything.

Breakfast at the laundromat!

During our brief wait, we enjoyed some excellent coffee and snacks of couscous salad for me and yogurt with granola for Darren.

And then we indulged in a calorie splurge...

We shared a spud bolognese! It was so yummy. The cafe had potatoes baking away in a slow cooker so the friendly staff person just had to pull one of the piping hot spuds out and top it with one of their pre made sauces (the bolognese was amazing).

Mmmmmm...spud bolognese.

Such a simple idea but so incredibly tasty.

We left an hour after we arrived with happy tummies, a suitcase filled with fresh, clean clothes and big, satisfied grins!

The Blue Lake in Mt Gambier SA, Australia.
Disclaimer: As always, my opinions are my own. I pay for my own laundry and breakfast. I happily pay for my own spuds! No one involved is ever even aware I’m doing it.

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