DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Confetti Envelopes

By: Merle O'Brien
(printed with permission)

Take a sheet of cold laminate (or clear contact paper) and peel off the backing.  Sprinkle confetti, glitter, dried flowers, whatever you want.  Use lots of stuff, it looks cool.    It doesn't matter how much confetti you use.  

Cover the whole thing with plastic wrap.  Try different color plastic wrap for different effects.  Pop any air bubbles with an exacto knife.  Trace an envelope pattern, cut, fold and glue.  You CAN mail these just use the postage stamp stickers.  Everyone will oooooh and aaaaah.  

Put the address on when you're done with an Avery label.  

Don't cut the contact paper until you're done!  

Make a big sheet of confettied contact paper and then cut out your envelope shape. 

You want the plastic wrap to wrinkle that's what gives it the water look.

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