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Construction Birthday Ideas
(Bob the Builder, etc)

Do you have more ideas?  Feel free to share them over the discussion group and I'll add them to the site!

Our site has loads of printables for use at a Construction Birthday Party, including invitations, treat bags, coloring pages, bookmarks, doorknob holders and crafts.  Many of these are needed for every party and many of the others make great treat bag additions.  Check out our Construction Section for all of these and more.  

But we all know there's more to a party than things you print out!  Here are some ideas to fill in the gaps:

pinataPinata:  Rock Crusher!

This is about the simplest pinata I've ever made.

Legos, wood blocks or similar construction toys:

A great way to open or close the party is to have an area of legos or other construction toys or even to make the whole party Lego themed!  That way the kids will have something to occupy themselves as they arrive or leave.  Lego themed materials on our site:

Box Blocks:

For extra BIG fun, make box blocks before the party.  Take paper boxes, shoeboxes, etc (go to your local grocery store and see if they have any to donate).  Tape some of the lids securely shut, leave others without lids.  Optional:  paint the boxes in vibrant primary colors.  Let the kids stack and build to their hearts content!

Bean Bag Toss:

bean bagfill with beans

Brick bean bags are very simple to make.

truck boxHow to make a box dump truck for the game:

Sandbox or Dirt Pile:

This is simple, but fun.  Place loads of construction toys in the sandbox (shovels, dumptrucks, etc) and let the partygoers have fun.  If you don't have a sandbox, consider purchasing a pile of dirt for your garden and have it dumped on your driveway or backyard.  After the kids are done making a mess, you can get dear hubby to wheel it to the appropriate spots in your garden *grin*.  Caution:  forewarn the parents of the partygoers that they'll be getting dirty, so they can dress appropriately!


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