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Bullet Journal Ideas: Christmas Wishlist

contributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

Bullet Journal Idea: Christmas WishlistBullet journals are great ways to express thoughts, get creative, and plan. They can be used for all occasions; even holidays like Christmas! My family was always very keen on getting presents for each other, so I would be asked for my wishlists months before Christmas! Encouraging children to create a pretty Christmas wishlist in their bullet journals during the holiday season may be a good way to bring out their creativity instead of purely focusing on what they want.

I am a huge fan of christmas gifts that involve the family spending time together, so try encouraging your children to add events or family days to their wishlists, like a day at the museum or a trip to the outdoor ice rink.

Below are some ideas of how children can use their creativity and imagination to create a christmas wishlist to share with family! Bullet journalling may be a time consuming task if you have to design and organize the pages from scratch. So we've included some templates that are all ready to go; just fill them in and build your own bullet journal!


Wishlist Template      Christmas Tree


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