Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Ideas

Our site has loads of free printables for use at a Wizard of Oz themed Birthday Party, including cards, coloring pages and crafts.  Many of these are needed for every party and many of the others make great treat bag additions or even gifts for the birthday boy or girl.  Check out our Wizard of Oz Section for all of these and more.  

But we all know there's more to a party than things you print out!  Here are some ideas to fill in the gaps:


Keri contributes:


One viewer suggests:


The purchase of one appropriately shaped cookie cutter can go a long way!

Tinman Treats:

Cut apples into slices. Get a small heart shaped cookie cutter.  Use it to cut the apple slices into heart shapes (the Tin man wants a heart) and call then "Tinman Treats"

Lion Crackers:

Wicked Witch of the West Snacks:

One thought I had would be to do a few Wicked Witch of the West snacks... there are a lot of snack ideas for witches out there (halloween)

Here are a few:

Witch's fingers (chicken nuggets) /crafts/halloween/recipes/witchfingers.html

Witch's brew (drink): /crafts/halloween/recipes/witchbrew.html

Witch's broomstick: /crafts/halloween/recipes/witchbroom.html

Witch's hat: /crafts/halloween/recipes/witchhat.html