Pokemon Birthday Ideas

Our site has loads of free printables for use at a Pokemon themed Birthday Party, including greeting cards, treat bags, doorknob hangers, coloring pages and crafts.  Many of these are needed for every party and many of the others make great treat bag additions or even gifts for the birthday boy or girl.  Check out our Pokemon Section for all of these and more.  

But we all know there's more to a party than things you print out!  Here are some ideas to fill in the gaps:

Click here for some ideas for simple Magic Tricks you can teach the children at the party

Jennifer contributed:

Thank you Jennifer.  The pictures are really helpful!

My son wanted a Poke'mon Birthday Party at home this year so I went to your piñatas page and found a Pikachu.  Talk about fun and easy to make.  It took a couple of days because of drying time but way, way fun to make.  :) 
I also printed off a copy of your Pikachu from you Chore Charts and had it blown up to poster size and my son and I used markers to color it and now we are going play pin-the-tail on the Pikachu:) Each guest gets their own tail with their name on it. 
Using your Chore Charts again, we printed off pictures of different Poke'mon and pasted them to brown paper bags to use for collecting the candy from the piñata. 
I found your Bingo Cards section and printed 40 different Poke'mon cards and I then laminated them for future use, so now we will play Poke'mon Bingo. 
We took older Energy Cards and put each guest name on them and bought name tag badges so they could where them at the party. 
My son and I made folder's with all the kids names on it as gifts and inside we printed off your Word Search and added that as well.  On the covers of each guest folder we add a picture of a Poke'mon that best represents them.