Blue and Magenta Party Hats

I've included some photos of the hats so you can see it "in action".  It's fun for the kids to make as they arrive at the start of the party.

Tasha choose the Blue's Clues hat and Kaitlyn choose the Magenta one.  You can use them separately or just cut out a bunch of the characters from both templates and let the kids mix and match.

Tasha (age 6) was tired of hers after about 1/2 an hour (at the moment, if it isn't Britney Spears, it isn't worth the effort *sigh*).  Kaitlyn, the 3 year old birthday girl, wore hers for a few days.

blue's clues and magenta party hats


  • printer,
  • paper,
  • scissors.
  • glue or tape.
  • Optional:  crayons.
  • construction paper
  • Optional:  streamer or ribbons to decorate the back
magenta party hat


Blue's Clues Hat   (color)   or   (B&W)

Magenta Hat          (color)   or   (B&W)