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Dora the Explorer Episodes:

I often tape episodes of the girls' favorite shows, label them and pull them out when doing a particular theme.  This is especially useful for birthday parties and may come in handy for teachers and daycare workers.  For example, if I'm having a fairy tale theme during the week, I might choose Episode #112 of Dora (a Little Red Ridinghood story) and show it.

I've added links to some of the sections on the site that I might use to go with the episodes.  They aren't Dora the Explorer crafts -- they're generic crafts that would go with the story.  For specific Dora the Explorer crafts, check out the Dora the Explorer Section of the site.

Episode #101:  The Big Red Chicken 

Dora reads Boots the story of "The Legend of the Big Red Chicken." Boots asks Dora to take him to see the chicken.  They set off across the bridge, over the gate, and to the Big Red Hill, where they hope to find the Big Red Chicken.  When they get to the hill, they soon discover that the Big Red Hill is, in fact, the Big Red Chicken! 
Suggestion:  Chicken coloring page

Episode #102:  Lost and Found 

Dora and Boots encounter a lost Baby Blue Bird who only speaks Spanish.  They ascertain that it lives in the Little Blue Tree and set out to take the Baby Bird home.  They go past the Bananas, through the Cornfield, and that's how they get to the Little Blue Tree.
Suggestion:  Bird Toilet Paper Roll Craft -- have the children color it blue (Age 3+).

Episode #103:  Hic-Boom-Ohhh 

Dora and Boots start hearing a strange sound coming from somewhere in the distance.  They set out to find out what it is.  They have to go across the Noisy River, through the Quiet Forest, and that's how they'll reach the Yellow Valley, from where the sound is coming.  When they get there, they discover that the sound is Benny the Bull hiccupping.

Episode #104:  Beaches 

It's a very hot day in the Rainforest.  Dora and Boots decide that they need to get to the Beach in order to cool off.  To get to the Beach, they have to go through the Dunes, over the Boardwalk, and that's how they'll get to the Beach.  They finally get there and are joined in the water by all their friends.

Episode #105 :  We All Scream For Ice Cream 

Dora and Boots hear the tune of an ice cream truck in the distance and set off to catch up to it.  They have to go over Strawberry Mountain, across Chocolate Lake, and that's how they'll get to Coney Island, the ice cream trucks next stop.
Suggestion:  DLTK's Ice Cream Section   various ages

Episode #106:  Choo Choo 

Dora and Boots set out to help the Little Blue Train win the race to the Big Yellow Station so that he can win the grand prize, a new whistle.
Suggestion:  Paper Train Craft   Age 2+

Episode #107:  Treasure Island 

Dora and Boots come across the Pirate Parrot, who tells them about the Pirate Pig and his treasure chest chock full of gold, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, and - Boots's favorite - STICKERS!  So off they go to find the Pirate Pig's treasure chest: they go past the Lookout Tree, across Crocodile Lake, and that's how they get to Treasure Island.
Suggestion:  Pirate Crafts (parrots, treasure chests, etc)  various ages.

Episode #108:  Three L'il Piggies 

Dora and Boots are at the farm today, bringing presents to the three little piggies.  But when Swiper the Fox shows up, the little pigs run away.  Now one piggy is hiding in the Hayfield, one piggy is hiding in the Barn, and the littlest piggy went all the way to the Apple Tree.  Dora and Boots have to catch the pigs before Swiper swipes their gifts!
Suggestion:  Pig Crafts   (various ages).

Episode #109:  Big River 

Oh no! Boots loses one of his shiny red boots in the Big River.  Dora and Boots set off on a wild water adventure as they chase the runaway boot.  They’ll have to go under a Bridge, row past the Rocks, and try to catch the boot before it goes over the Waterfall.

Episode #110:  Berry Hunt 

In this variation on the classic children’s song “Bear Hunt,” Dora and Boots go hunting for blueberries on Blueberry Hill.  But they’ll have to be careful--Swiper the Fox lives on Blueberry Hill! To get to Blueberry Hill, our heroes will need to cross the Icy Cold River, swing over the Prickly Forest, and stop the fox.  But the hunt isn’t over yet… 


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