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Birthday Fun Ideas

Many of these tips were shared through the feedback form by other viewers.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Set the Stage

Label areas of your house similar to the areas in Dragon Land.  Here are just a few suggestions

Keri contributes: 

TP Roll bowling:  

Make 5 toilet paper roll crafts and arrange them like bowling pins, use a tennis ball to bowl them down.  This makes a fun theme game at a party.

Mushroom Meadows musical chairs

Zak and Wheezie three legged race


Make Maracas (either before the party or at the party) and let the kids play with them at the Singing Springs area

Episode #135 "Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On":  Quetzal loves to make music with his maracas, but his set is broken.  The gang decides to make him a new pair for Teacher's Day.  The kids and the dragons pair off to find the different things they need to make the maracas.

You might want to get all or part of that episode to play at the party.

If making them before, you can do paper mache ones or you can make them and let the kids paint/decorate them at the party

If making maracas at the party, your best bet is to use small yogurt containers with lids.  Let the kids fill them with beans, then put the lid on and tape it tightly.  Decorate with stickers.  Or use beans and two paper plates and tape or staple them together.

Play Simon Says

Episode #121 "Do Not Pass Gnome":  Max accidentally breaks Emmy's yo-yo after she asks him not to play with it.  Simon the Elf offers to fix it if they reach the end of the checkerboard game path while playing his version of "Simon Says."

You might want to get all or part of that episode to play at the party.

Eat Dragonberry Cupcakes

Episode #126 "The Big Cake Mix-Up":  The kids and dragons want to make a dragonberry carrot cake for the annual Dragon Land Baking Contest, but when they split up to find ingredients, they all come back with the same thing: eggs.  Later, when they learn to work and plan together, they make a tasty popcorn-carrot cake.

You might want to get all or part of that episode to play at the party.

Bake confetti cake cupcakes for the birthday cake or for a snack.  Ice with pastel icing.  Cover with rainbow sprinkles.

Have a Puppet Show

Episode #111 "The Four Little Pigs":  Emmy wants to put on a puppet show about the Three Little Pigs. Zak and Wheezie feel badly because they couldn't be who they wanted to be in the show.  The group figures out a way to creatively solve their problem and the story becomes the Four Little Pigs!

You might want to get all or part of that episode to play at the party.

An older sibling, parent or hired puppeteer can put on a puppet show similar to the one in the episode.  Check out our many "pigs crafts" -- the toilet paper roll pigs make great puppets.