Clutter Bug craft

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Clutter Bug Paper Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

I originally made this craft for National Clutter Week (if you can believe it).  Now, it seems a bit strange to celebrate such a thing, but I figure that anything I can use to get Tasha to clean up her toys can't be all bad!  So I've invented the clutter bug craft.  In our household, the kids were allowed to do the craft AFTER cleaning up their clutter.

This craft is equally suitable for Earth Day as all sorts of odds and ends will be used (or should I say REused).

ALTERNATIVES:  Brenda (one of our viewers) adds:  My little ones (if you can call them little at 7 and 4 ) had finished all of their chocolate Easter eggs that were wrapped in pretty metalic foil and as usual wanted to keep the foil.  We found a great use for it.  We used your clutter bug and have made some with lovely shiny bodies !! Very easy for even little ones as they can tear the foil into small pieces without needing to use scissors.  I cut the body out after they had glued all the bits on so the pieces didn't have to fit the edges perfectly, and then glued the body to a contrasting piece of coloured paper.

We had already used the clutter bug before.  We collected loads of the wallpaper samples that you can pick up from D-I-Y stores and made a patchwork/mosaic one.  That also looks great.




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