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Spider Pinata

This super spider pinata would make a great item for a Spiderman themed birthday or for a Halloween party.

The Spider Pinata idea was contributed by Ilona (from the Netherlands):  My 5 year old son is at school working about the letter S.  So I suggested to make a Ssssspider-piñata, filled with candies (Ssssssnoepjes, in Dutch).  The teacher never heard of a piñata, but she thought the idea was good, so we've been busy last week as you can see.  I made 4 paper-mache balloons (from my youngest son's birthday the day before, see p.1).  It was the meaning to make 4 spiders, but after 3 spiders they were coming out of my ears, so the last one turned to be a ladybug.  Not quite an S-word, but the result is very nice, I think.  It looks a bit frightened, but that's understandable with a lot of spiders around you!


paper mache balloonsInstructions:

paper mache spider

Playing the Pinata Game

Hang the pinata up from the ceiling. Each child gets a turn trying to break the pinata.  Blindfold the child and give them a stick (a broom handle works well) -- make sure all the other children stand WELL back from the swinging!  Turn the child around in a circle 2 or 3 times and point him or her in the direction of the pinata.  The child gets to swing the stick 2 or 3 times.

Then another child gets a turn.  When someone breaks the pinata, all the children get to gather the goodies.  You might want to prewrap the goodies in bags so they don't get paper mache on them and so that each child gets and equal share -- this is especially useful when the children are of various ages.


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