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Pony Bead Dragonfly

Pony Bead Basics:

When you first start the project, loop a long piece of cord/ribbon/string around a keychain loop so you have two string ends to work with

pony bead craft
When putting the string through the beads, put one end through first... pony bead craft
Then put the other end through going the opposite direction.  In the patterns, the two ends are marked different colors so it's easier to follow. pony bead craft


You'll need two main pony bead colors - 55 beads and 17 beads (we used purple and green) plus two beads in another color for the eyes (we used black).

You can use seed beads and thread instead of pony beads and ribbon/string for a smaller project (good for girl guide hat swaps)

Start the project by looping the string around the keychain ring as shown in the general pony bead directions.

Follow the pattern as shown.

pony bead craft
When you get to the wings, you'll be using just one end of the string for each wing (we're used to threading both ends of the string through the pony beads in opposite directions, so this seems a bit odd at first).  Thread all of the wing beads onto the string (it looks like one long string of 11 beads) and then loop the SAME STRING back the other direction following the pattern. 

It looks a bit confusing, but once you've done it a couple of times, it's easy!


pony bead craft   ==>  pony bead craft ==> pony bead craft


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