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March Weather

For young children, you may just want to make the coloring page or the craft, but for older children (age 4+), I've included some additional fun activities related to weather, graphing and observations.

Click here for a March Lion/Lamb Bulletin Board Idea

The old saying goes...  If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.

Talk to your children about what this might mean?  What aspects of weather determine its ferocity or gentleness?

Draw a two column table on the chalkboard (or a piece of paper).  Call one side LION and one side LAMB.  List elements of weather like temperature, wind, rain, snow, etc that fit on each side.

Make the lion and lamb paper plate crafts 

lion craft  lamb craft


or make the lion and lamb paper crafts

   lamb crafts lion craft

(more lamb crafts)         (more lion crafts)

choose a particular time of day (right before lunch or supper are good times as it will help engage/include the children in dinnertime conversation).  Each day at the given time have the child hang the appropriate lamb/lion face in a special location.

You can also do a bit of math/graphing practice by providing the child with the lion/lamb template below.  Each day, have them color one of the squares on either the lion or the lamb side (depending on what the weather is like).

Make a note at the top of the graph about whether March 1st is a lamb or a lion day.  Then see if March 31st is the opposite.

If you want to throw in a bit of science, you can tell them that we're charting our observations to help prove or disprove the the "in like a lion, out like a lamb" saying.

Lion/Lamb Graph and Coloring Pages:

Coloring page

Graph template   color  or  B&W


Lion/Lamb Tracer Pages:

march lion and lamb tracer pages march lion and lamb tracer pages march lion and lamb tracer pages march lion and lamb tracer pages
Cloud Lamb Lion Sun
color  or   B&W color  or   B&W color  or   B&W color  or   B&W