The Two Bears 1

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Carolyn Wells (1862-1942)

Carolyn Wells was an American author and poet born on January 18, 1862.  She wrote a total of 170 books but in the early years of her career she wrote mostly poetry and children's books.   In her later years she wrote mostly mystery novels but is still best known today for her light verse especially many classic limericks.

A Bicycle Built for Two

A Day Dream

A Long-Felt Want

A Serious Question

An Alphabet Zoo

An April Joke

An Old Love

An Intercepted Valentine

Christmas Gifts

Dorothy's Opinion

Opulent Ollie

Our Club


The 4:04 Train

The Arch Armadillo

The Butter Betty Bought

The Erratic Rat

The Funny Kittens

The Happy Hyena

The Musical Carp

The Pirate Poodle

The Smiling Shark

The Tutor

The Two Bears

Two Old Kings