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whale fingerprint crafts
Fingerprint Whale

The picture to the right is a photograph of the finished craft.

I made a white whale on blue construction paper.  You could also make a blue or grey whale on white construction paper.


whale fingerprint craftsBody:  Stamp your thumb in white paint and make a firm thumbprint sideways on the paper for the whale's body  


whale fingerprint craftsTail:  Dip the tip of your pinkie in the white paint and make two light pinkie prints at the end of the thumbprint in a sort of a heart shape  


whale fingerprint craftsWater:  Dip your index finger in blue or green paint and make firm prints under the whale for the water


whale fingerprint craftsSpout:  Use a toothpick, q-tip or small paint brush to draw a few lines above the whale as the spout


whale fingerprint crafts
whale fingerprint crafts


Add some clouds and a sun to spruce up the picture  

(gentle yellow finger print for the sun)

(three white finger prints in a row with two white finger prints in a row just above = cloud)


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