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Macrame Produce Bag

Macrame Produce Bag

Do you have an old t-shirt with a hole in the sleeve, a stain on the front, or you just never wear anymore? This is a perfect project for repurposing an old t-shirt into an adorably fringed, macrame bag. These bags are like the classic produce bag and are great for carrying around fruits and veg, but you can get creative and carry around some other items like books or sports equipment.

This craft is suitable for older children and adults. It does not require many materials and can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on how comfortable you are tying knots. This is my favourite t-shirt produce bag because it doesn't require any sewing, which I am really bad at... *sigh* I love preparing a few of these bags (getting them ready to knot) and keeping them beside the couch to macrame while I watch a show or film!



DIY macrame produce bagYou can also experiment by making this bag out of an old pillowcase. The pillowcase bag looks a little bit different because the strips don't make a string-like shape like the t-shirts do. It works very much the same but with a few differences.


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