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National Smile Week
2nd Week of August

National smile week is celebrated during the second week of August. It may seem silly to have a whole week dedicated to smiles, but smiling is very important and beneficial so it is awesome to celebrate our smiles!

We have a bunch of muscles in our face dedicated to helping us smile, that's how important it is! Even cooler? When we smile, our face muscles send signals to our brain that help make us happy. That means that if we are feeling glum, we can cheer ourselves up just by smiling!

So here are a few ideas for celebrating your smile with crafts and activities!

brain-themed magnets craft

BrainFrame-Kids (mental health and learning about your brain)

dental health coloring page

Dental Health coloring pages

emoji mood crafts

Emoji Mood Check-In Craft

more Emoji Activities >

emotion crafts

Emotion Craft

Happy Tooth Paper Craft

Happy Tooth Paper Craft

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over she became a butterfly.

Inspirational Quotes

(watercolour art plus coloring pages for kids!)

Poems and Songs About Teeth

Poems and Songs About Teeth

Smiling Shark Poem

The Smiling Shark Poem

by Carolyn Wells