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Paper Plate Pirate CraftPaper Plate Pirate Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

This pirate craft uses a printable template and a paper plate to make a project suitable for a pirate or Halloween theme.

If you cut out a hole instead of using the template eye, you can convert your pirate craft to a pirate mask.  Attach a paint stir stick or tongue depressor to allow your child to hold it up to their face.




  • Paint the bottom of the paper plate light pink or flesh colored (or you can leave it white if you prefer).
  • Print out the templates of choice.
  • Color (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces.  Most of the pieces are simple enough shapes for young children to cut out, but if needed, an adult can help with some of the harder pieces (the earring and the hair).
  • Glue the pieces to the plate to make a pirate face:
    • Glue the ears onto either side of the head.
    • Glue the hair onto the center top of the head.
    • Glue the eye onto the mask (or cut a hole for the eye in a mask).
    • Glue the eyebrows above the eyes.
    • Glue the patch where the second eye should be.
    • Glue the nose under the eyes.
    • Glue the mouth under the nose.
    • Glue the earring onto an ear.
    • Glue the pirate hat at the top of the paper plate over the hair.
  • Optional:  If making a mask, use masking tape or duct tape to attach a thin strip of wood, a Tongue Depressorcrafts or a Paint Stir Stickcrafts (often free at paint supply and home repair stores -- no more than $1 -- we get dad to pick one up now and then when he's at home depot admiring the tools *grin*)



Template 1:    (color)   or   (B&W)

Template 2:    (color)   or   (B&W)


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Pirate Paper Plate Mask