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Outer Space Ideas

Take your kids on a trip to outer space with our fun and easy crafts, colouring pages and worksheets or give them (or yourself!) a bit more of a challenge with something like the "Moon Landing on Digital Nebula" tutorial.

acrylic moon painting

Outer Space Activities
Acrylic Paint Moon Video (Tutorial)

space coloring page

Outer Space Activities
Coloring Pages:

Alien Paper Plate Craft

Outer Space Activities

outer space games

Outer Space Activities

Printable Greeting Cards

Outer Space Activities

outer space worksheets

Outer Space Activities

Links to Other Space Activities 

Links to Other Space Activities


Night Sky nursery rhymes:

Hey Diddle Diddle

I See the Moon

Man in the Moon

Star Light, Star Bright

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Night Sky poems:

The Lost Balloon

The New Moon

What If?

Who Was It?

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