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Train Paper CraftTrain Paper Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This train is a simple cut and paste paper craft with simple pieces that is easy for young children to make.

The locomotive or engine of the train is the part that provides the motion -- it is usually at the very front of the train (though sometimes it will be at the back). A very long train may have more than one locomotive (engine). The rest of the train is just pulled along (without the engine, the train won't move)!

The locomotive (engine) doesn't carry any cargo. The train cars that are pulled by the engine carry cargo (freight) or passengers. The locomotive (engine) is where the locomotive engineer does his work, driving the train.


Craft Instructions:

  • Optional: Sometimes if doing the project with a group, instead of providing the paper template pieces to the kids, I will make cardboard tracers that they can use. To do this:
    • print out the black and white template and cut out (or you can hand draw your own pieces)
    • adult traces these pieces onto a piece of cardboard (old cereal boxes or the cardboard backs of paper pads work well)
    • provide these cardboard templates to the children for them to trace onto construction paper.


Small Train     color   or   B&W

Large Train Template 1     color   or   B&W

Large Train Template 2     color   or   B&W



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