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The "Rusty Car Song" is fun to sing with this craft.

Thanks to Shanna for sending us this craft suggestion!

"My Pre K kids are obsessed with "slug bugs", or VW Beetles. Every time they see one from our window they go nuts.  This week is transportation week and I was having a hard time finding a simple car craft and it hit me.  Slug bugs are very simple. Just cut a large semicircle from construction paper.  Then cut two smaller semicircles of the same color to form the wheel wells. Glue the two small semicircles to the large one, one on each end. Then cut two black circles for the tires and glue them to the wheel wells. I also added some shiny foil in the middle of the wheel for hubcaps.  Then draw features like steering wheel and doors and people in the drivers seat. My kids loved it."  Shanna




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