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The Little Nest

by Evaleen Stein

A little picture haunts me;
  It comes and comes again;
It is a tiny bird's-nest,
  All ragged from the rain.

It clings within a birch-tree
  Upon the moorland's edge,
Between the barren branches,
  Above the swaying sedge.

The sky is gray behind it,
  And when the north winds blow,
The birch-tree bends and shivers,
  And tosses to and fro.

I wonder, does it haunt them,
  The birds that flew away?
And will they come to seek it,
  Some sunny summer day?

I wonder, does some redbreast
  Upon an orange-bough,
Still picture it as plainly
  As I can see it now?

Ah me! I would forget it,
  Yet still, with sense of pain,
I see this little bird's-nest
  Within the driving rain.



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