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The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat

Our storyteller Delia tells us the story of the Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat; and how deceit can turn friends into enemies!

Image of the storyteller telling the story of The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat.

The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat

Many years ago, the birds and the beasts declared war on one another. They could find no compromise, so they fought tooth and claw.

It was a terrible battle. Many a mouse and many a hare died. And chickens and geese fell by the score -- and the victor always had a feast.

Now the bat had joined either group either side of the battle for fear of being on the losing side.

When the birds asked the bat which side he was on; he said quickly, “Why, with my wings, I’m on your side.”

And when the beasts asked which side the bat was on, the bat quickly responded, “why, with my teeth and fur, I am clearly on your side.”

The truth was- he did little to help either side and was telling tall tales to both sides.

When the battle was over, the conduct of the bat was discussed at the peace conference. The birds and the beasts all turned angrily against the bat when they realized how many times the bat had flip flopped sides and spread rumours.

Since then the bat lives in fear of the beasts and the birds and hides in caves and ruins and only flies at night.

Remember -- the deceitful have no friends!



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