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The Plane Tree

Our Storyteller Delia tells us the short fable The Plane Tree, and how two traveller's lack of appreciation for the tree leads to a firm lesson.

Image of the storyteller telling the story of the Plane Tree.

The Plane Tree

Two travellers, walking in the scorching sun, sought shade from a tree along the way.

As they lay, looking up amongst the leaves, they noticed it was a plane tree.

"How useless is the Plane!" said one of the travellers, "it bears no fruit whatever, and it just litters the ground with leaves."

The plane tree interrupted him with quiet dignity, "Shame on you, you ungrateful creatures. You come to take shelter from the scorching sun, and in the very act of enjoying the cool shade of my foliage, you call me good for nothing!"

Don't forget: our best blessings are often the least appreciated!



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