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Delia will be telling us a story about a princess named Cinderella, who's poor treatment by her evil stepmother and stepsisters has left her miserable. However; one day, she is given the opportunity by her fairy godmother to go to a royal ball with a magical transformation.

Image of the storyteller telling the story of Cinderella.

Cinderella, also known as The Little Glass Slipper

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Ella. She lived with her father, whom she loved very deeply.

One day, during his travels, Ella’s father returned home with a new wife.

Her Stepmother arrived in an extravagant horse-drawn carriage with her two daughters. As Ella went to greet her new family, they huffed and hollered at the coachman.

“Goodness me” began the stepmother, “it’s like he purposefully drove over all those potholes.”

“And the rocks! My poor dress! Ruined at the seams!” screeched the eldest Stepsister.

“And my haaair” whined the youngest.

Ella’s father was often away on business and while he was gone, her stepmother and stepsisters insisted on Ella doing all the chores and made her sleep by the fire in the kitchen. She was often covered in ashes, soot and cinders- her Stepmother and Stepsisters started calling her Cinderella.

One day a letter arrived from the palace inviting all the eligible, unmarried ladies of the kingdom to attend a ball in honour of the prince. You see, the prince needed to find a wife to be his queen one day.

Cinderella had nothing suitable to wear, so instead she helped her Stepsisters get ready for the ball. Cinderella curled their wigs, sewed their masquerade masks, hemmed their dresses, and powdered their faces. Then they left, with their mother in a horse-drawn carriage.

Cinderella cried softly, wishing so badly that she could go to the ball. Suddenly, a shower of golden glitter rained from the ceiling.

A kind woman appeared with fairy wings.

“I am here to help you” squealed the fairy. Cinderella was speechless.

“Did I hear correctly?” The fairy continued. “You wanna go to the ball? I’ve got just the dress for you!” Cinderella nodded, still in awe.

And with one flick of her tiny golden wand Cinderella was dressed in a beautiful gown with gorgeous glass slippers. She saw a beautiful carriage magically waiting outside for her.

“Now go, go, go! Or you’ll be late! The magic wears off my midnight.”

Once she arrived at the palace, Cinderella felt all eyes on her. The crowd parted and suddenly the Prince bowed gently in front of her and asked to dance. She took his outstretched hand and danced and talked with him for the entire night.

“You enchant me. My grandfather desires that I spend my evening looking for the right woman, but I seem to have found her already,” the Prince said.

Just as she was about to respond, Cinderella heard the clock strike midnight.

Cinderella stopped dancing with the Prince, apologized and ran out of the palace as fast as she could.

The next morning she swept the floors, washed the walls, and began preparing breakfast.

As she set the dining table, all she could hear was complaining. Her stepsisters were lamenting the Prince spending the entire evening with an unknown beauty instead of them.

Just then, a loud knock came at the door. It was the Prince with his guards, he had found the glass slipper that had fallen off Cinderella’s foot and was going throughout the land trying it on every eligible woman in the hopes of finding his perfect match.

Each stepsister tried on the slipper, but it would not fit. Cinderella knew this was her chance- she asked “May I try on the slipper?”

The Prince placed the slipper on her foot and it fit perfectly- he looked into her eyes and knew in an instant this was his true love.

Ella and the Prince were married and they lived happily ever after.



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