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The Snow Queen

Our storyteller Delia tells us the story, The Snow Queen. Join us for this wonderful holiday tale!

Image of the storyteller telling the story of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

The Snow Queen

Adaptation, Video and Storytelling by Delia Barnett

Attend the tale of an evil hobgoblin. The hobgoblin owned a magical mirror that would reflect horrible things. If a beautiful landscape was viewed through the mirror - it would be withered and dying. The hobgoblin loved it for his favourite thing to do was to spread misery.

One day the mirror smashed into many many pieces and the shards of glass flew on the wind around the world. What happened to the shards of glass, you ask? Well, let's attend the tale of one of them.

Meanwhile in a large town lived two best friends: Kay and Gerta. Their favourite thing to do was to tend to their garden. They were most proud of their roses. One day they were working in their garden when suddenly Kay gasped. "I feel like something is in my eye and in my heart!" Gerda looked into Kay's eyes, but she could see nothing. Kay could feel his heart turning to ice and when he looked at Gerta with his eyes he saw nothing but ugliness and he said "Ugh, you are hideous as hideous as this garden." And off he went.

Kay went to the town square where he hitched a ride on the back of a sleigh. The sleigh went further and further out into the wilderness. Snow began to fall lightly at first, then heavier and heavier, till Kay could barely see where they were going. Suddenly the sleigh stopped and there in front of him was the snow queen. She was eerily beautiful. She floated towards him and kissed him on his forehead, it felt like ice. She grabbed his hand and off they went together.

Meanwhile Gerta missed Kay. It was a long dreary winter without her best friend. She began to worry that maybe he wouldn’t be coming home, so she decided to look for him. As she journeyed the first woman she met was a lovely grandmother with a wonderful garden. Gerta asked the flowers if Kay was dead. The flowers laughed and said: "No, we wouldn't know your friend is alive. Keep going."

So Gerta continued her journey. She came across a prince and princess and asked them if they had seen her friend Kay; "Why, yes, the snow queen and your friend were at our coronation." they said. Gerta felt very hopeful and she continued on. She met a robber-girl who suggested that she'd take a reindeer into Lapland. Gerta, while searching for a reindeer, came across a lovely woman. The woman said: "Gerta, do not fear, you are stronger than you think. You have all the power within you to find your friend and bring him home safe." The woman gifted Gerta with a reindeer and off she went to Lapland, the land of the snow queen's palace.

Once in Lapland, she saw the tall beautiful palace of ice. Inside Kay was playing with a piece of ice. The snow queen floated over to him, she kissed his forehead. It felt like ice again and she said to him: "I'm off. I'm off to the top of every mountain to paint it with snow. I'm going to send my icy message around the world. I will be back, you must wait here." And off she went into the sky.

Just then Gerta burst into the room. "Oh Kay, I found you!" she said, but Kay didn't move. He was frozen as if he was an ice sculpture. Gerta ran over to him and hugged him. Her hot tears poured down her cheeks and on to Kay, as they did it melted his frozen heart. He looked at Gerta; "Thank you. I've missed you. What took you so long? Let’s go home."

The two friends journeyed all the way home and as they did, they got back to their garden. They were so happy to see their roses once more. But they realized they had grown up and grown older on their journey home, but they would always be young at heart.

The End


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