All About Our Web Designer Yara

Yara is the web designer of the Storytelling Series! Yara started out as a science student at the University of British Columbia in 2018, before switching to Simon Fraser University for their Interactive Arts and Technology program in 2019.

At school, Yara's favourite classes involve programming. While passionate about visual arts, creative writing, and the sciences, Yara's greatest interest lies in programming and its vast possibilities.


What Does Yara Do?

Here are a few examples of Yara's past work...

The Storytelling Series

Using both basic HTML and CSS, Yara has worked on organizing the appearance of the pages of the DLTK's Inc subweb. With a focus on the video presented on every page; and less emphasis on photos or text, the purpose of the subweb is highlighted.

DLTK's Inc Ninos

DLTK's Inc Ninos; dedicated to Spanish versions of DLTK's Inc Kid's content, consists of many pages published by Yara with a variety of content in the Spanish language.

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