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Decoration Day


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by Evaleen Stein

See the soldiers, little ones!
   Hark the drummers' beat!
See them with their flags and guns
   Marching down the street!

Tattered flags from out the wars,
   Let us follow these
To the little stripes and stars
   Twinkling through the trees.

Watch them waving through the grass
   Where the heroes sleep!
Thither gently let us pass
   On this day we keep.

Let us bring our blossoms, too,
   All our gardens grow;
Lilacs honey-sweet with dew,
   And the lilies' snow.

Every posy of the May,
   Every bloomy stem,
Every bud that breaks to-day
   Gather now for them.

Lay the lilies o'er them thus,
   Lovingly, for so
Down they laid their lives for us,
   Long and long ago.

Heap above them bud and bough;
   Softly, ere we cease,
God, we pray Thee, gently now
   Fold them in Thy peace!




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